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29 June 2017

This site now displays Tumblr's new blog classification: "Adult". This is separate from the existing "Explicit", aka "NSFW"


  • You set this yourself in your tumblr's settings.
  • But Tumblr may also turn this "on" for you and - and "lock" it on if they do.
  • Previously known as "NSFW".
  • When set, you won't show up in tumblr searches (unless the person searching has "safe mode" off)
  • Starting 5 July 2017, "anyone viewing your blog on the web will have to be logged in (with safe mode off) to see it"
  • Tumblr apparently sets this themselves; the criteria is unknown.
  • When set, your icon is shown "pixelated" for anyone with "safe mode" on
  • Other effects of this new classification are unknown; updates will be posted when available
  • Apparently a subset of explicit, i.e. some explicit blogs are also adult - but all adult blogs are explicit.


  • You can now marks individual posts as "sensitive" (but see note 1 below)
  • Tumblr may mark individual posts of yours as "sensitive" even if you didn't.
  • These posts are, by default, hidden from those who have "safe mode" on
  • - but if they want, they can choose to view it anyway (by clicking on it)
  • This post marking is independent of either of the blog categories above.


  1. Ironically, you have to be blocking sensitive posts yourself to be able to mark your own posts as "sensitive".
    So presumably people who enjoy seeing explicit content would never post such a thing (so they don't need the option).
    But those who dislike seeing it might post it.This has to be a bug.
This is a dual purpose utility.

It will check how many posts you've made since since the last post-limit reset.

It will then tell you how many you have left, and how long until that number resets again.

Note: If you've deleted any posts today, answered asks, or posted to any sideblogs you have fewer left than shown!

For details, see limitations.

2. It also gives you a bunch of information about anyone's blog you're curious about.

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